Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool:  The HEIA is a decision support tool that walks individuals through the steps of identifying how a program, policy or similar initiative will impact population groups in different ways. HEIA surfaces unintended potential impacts. The end goal is to maximize positive impacts and reduce negative impacts that could potentially widen health disparities between population groups—in short, more equitable delivery of the program, service, policy etc. Effective use of HEIA is dependent on good evidence.

Advancing Equity in Ontario: Key Concepts: The purpose of this discussion paper is to increase understanding within the health system about equity issues in mental health. Despite growing stakeholder interest in health equity, there remains no clear understanding of what equity means in the mental health context, and consequently, no clear plan of action to respond to the challenges faced by Ontario at the policy, planning and practice levels.

CAMH (2014) From the Margins to the Middle: D.I.Y. Health Equity Kit: This is a beginner’s guide for those interested in working toward equity within Ontario’s mental health system and beyond. This kit can be used in many ways. You can use it to: Reflect individually on your own practice; Start a conversation with others; Build understanding within a group; Explore related resources as needed; or Guide project planning

Racial Equity Tools is an excellent website that has close to 2000 resources to help you create change in your organization or community.

Annie E. Casey Foundation (2009). Advancing the Mission: Tools for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. This toolkit offers organizations encouragement of where to start to incorporate equity, diversity and inclusion in their work. It includes an Institutional Assessment Quiz. This collection of tools can be adapted to your organization and are based on a case example. As such, it is only one story, not a prescription.



From college or university campuses:

Check out page 15 of for more on advancing equity issues in postsecondary institutions.